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Cosyn Software


AS/400 Development
AS/400 analyst programmers available for projects and consulting

WWW & Intranet Development
E-commerce development and hosting on IBM Midrange and Microsoft IIS platforms.
In house experts in Linux and Unix, Apache, Squid, PostgreSQL.
TCP/IP network consulting. Firewalls, security auditing

BPCS Development & Support
Having formed part of the original BPCS/38 development team Cosyn has a long association with and great depth of knowledge of BPCS

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Cosyn Audit Trail/400
Dynamic, application independent audit tracking of database changes

Cosyn Powerpage/400
Paging/SMS + Operations Automation for IBM AS/400 & iSeries

Cosyn Spool Manager/400
Spool Automation for the IBM AS/400 & iSeries

BCD Catapult
Automated Report Building and Distribution by Email. Conversion to HTML, PDF, Excel, Lotus and many more. Now with Forms Overlay

BCD EZ-Pickins
Convert AS/400 reports to spreadsheets

BCD ProGen WebSmart
Web-enable AS/400 ERP applications. Front ends, web user admin and major inquiries already written for MAPICS and BPCS

Q4bis Business Intelligence
Premier OLAP Reporting and Analysis tools